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innocent looking girls that are secretly kinky as fuck are girls worth living for

Gushing with innocence  wiiz12 … right???

Flooding with it txloop

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Big, but natural😊

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Familiarity can breed content in the worst of ways…there are times when you have to remove yourself from people around you in order to respect yourself and to just have the freedom to be yourself again. Sometimes we get so caught up in pleasing the people around us that we lose who we are without realizing it allowing people to take advantage.  A good heart and intentions should always be your goal but if you give up who you are to please someone then it is not completely genuine and will slowly make you feel jaded and lost! Always respect yourself first and then others will respect you for you. Be the “real you” and the right ones will join in on your journey and appreciate you. If you try to be something you are not you are going to attract the wrong people and find disappointment around every corner. Nothing wrong with focusing on yourself…that is not selfish it is smart…by putting yourself first you can make yourself the best “YOU” possible that will in turn allow you to fully help and love the ones around you and you will become invaluable!!!:)
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See! I am like an R Crumb drawing….!

That explains it, you’re an amazon txloop

Random thoughts of the love I long to protect

Lay your head upon on my chest,
I shall conceal your face for you to rest.
Whisper dreams for me to hold,
I will return them to you sevenfold.

Hitch your heart upon my hands
And I will lead you from these savage lands
Welkin bound your eyes maybe
Yet your tears rain down so tenderly

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